Caregiver Tip, Practice • May 10, 2019

Now > later?

There are days where we can all identify with Veruca Salts from Willy Wonka. We want what we want immediately. Instant gratification is just so…delightful. A friendly barista that quickly gets you a coffee, working out once and losing a...

Practice, Practice Tool • May 3, 2019


Today's simple thought: get outside and practice! When the weather is nice (and there aren't too many bugs) enjoy the sunshine and serenade the birds, bees, and neighbors! Use #SproutsPracticeZone to show us your favorite and fun practice spaces!

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool • April 12, 2019

Keeping Routines Fresh

Sounds counterintuitive, right? I have had a few families in String Sprouts as well as my private studio mention that practice is happening, but the attention to details like tone and accuracy are hard to keep in focus, especially on...

Practice, What to Practice • March 8, 2019

Music + Travel: You CAN Practice!

As spring break is upon us, it’s always great to explore what you can do while you travel. I know how nice it is to leave the world behind for a week, but I also know exactly how painful my...

Practice, Teacher Tip • February 22, 2019

Teacher Tip: Consistency!

Friends, we are very excited to have the wonderful Ms. Grazzia Sagastume share with us a practicing tip about consistency! As a very wise Sprout parent said to me this week, "We know the first practice after we take a...

Practice • February 8, 2019

Growth Mindset

How many times have you heard a parent or a student make a statement about a very good student that goes something like this? “She’s just so talented.  I wish I could play that well.”   In the assessment of their...

Practice, Review, What to Practice • February 1, 2019

Review? Why?

Your teacher assigned you review songs and they probably mentioned something particular to do or think about during review pieces, and then you get home. Now what? And why are we dwelling on things we already learned? I promise it’s...

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool • January 18, 2019

Stickers Aren’t Just for Charts

We are all familiar with using stickers on a skills or activities chart. Made your bed? Brushed your teeth? Place the star on the chart under that category! And that works for many students. We’ve also used stickers on a...

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool, Student Fun • January 11, 2019

Puzzles + Practice

Last week the kids gathered to a play-in and parents were treated to a special class with Miss Ruth on how to practice effectively, and it actually was all fun and games! All instruments of Sprouts played together (violas, meet...