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Become a Sprouts Teacher

If changing young lives through music education sounds like a fulfilling mission, we implore you to sign up for Sprouts teacher training!

Positively affect families.

Prepare kids for school.

Why Should I Teach String Sprouts?

Becoming involved with String Sprouts is hugely rewarding. As a Sprouts teacher, you’ll be working with children of all backgrounds, from those who may otherwise lack access to high-quality music education to those who are simply looking to get a head start with music education. And, if that weren’t enough, those tiny instruments are just so cute.

Teacher Qualifications

You don’t have to be a professional musician or educator to teach String Sprouts, but some factors will increase your success.

Musical Proficiency

Successful Sprouts teachers are proficient in the instrument they’re teaching. (The minimum suggested playing level is around Suzuki Book 4.) You’ll need to be able to demonstrate and identify good posture and bow hold.

Skills with Children

Sprouts teachers must also enjoy working with young children! Level 1 Sprouts may be as young as 3 years old. We recommend having a few years of teaching experience in schools or in music classes of any variety.

Skills with Caregivers

The caregivers become the practice teachers at home, and the best Sprouts teachers know how to lead the way. You’ll need to inspire your Sprouts’ caregivers to be confident and consistent when working with their Sprouts outside of class.

String Sprouts Training

We offer both in-person and virtual training options that make it easy to get trained in the String Sprouts curriculum. Ready to make an impact in your community? Get started today!

Fall Training Dates

Virtual Sprouts Level 1 Training (training split up between the days/times below):

  • Wed, Sept 6: 8:30am – 12:30pm (CST)
  • Thu, Sept 7: 9am-12pm (CST)
  • Fri, Sept 8: 9am-12pm (CST)

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Level 1 Teacher Training
  • 10 hours pedagogy training
  • 4 hours observation
  • Teaching manuals and materials
  • One-year membership to the String Sprouts membership portal
  • Supplies checklist

15 hours / $750

Level 2-5 Teacher Training
  • 5 hours pedagogy training
  • 2 hours observation

7 hours / $500 (per level)