Music Education As
Life Education

String Sprouts is an innovative music program providing teacher training, materials, and curriculum for caregivers and music educators to begin teaching children the basics of playing a string instrument!

String Sprouts offers up to five levels each for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Each curriculum is designed with absolute beginners in mind, starting with children as young as 3! A String Sprouts membership includes teaching materials and access to online learning resources like audio and video playalongs.

About Us

String Sprouts is perfect for:

Caregivers looking to introduce music education into their homeschooling routine

Organizations seeking to provide access to high-quality music education for their communities

Music teachers interested in hosting their own String Sprouts classes

Becoming a String Sprout

There are many ways to get involved with this revolutionary program. Pick whichever is right for your family!

Do it on your own

Take musical matters into your own hands! We’ll supply all the teaching materials you need to start your kiddo’s musical journey.

Find a class near you

Join a nearby String Sprouts class and begin building relationships with your fellow musical families. Each class is led by an excellent teacher trained by us!

Train to be a teacher

Passionate about educating the next generation of string players? Sign up for String Sprouts teacher training today!

Meeting You Where You Are

String Sprouts is a national program with a growing reach.

“I would definitely recommend this program for anyone interested in having their child learn to play the violin.

My child is in year 3 and has learned so much in her time participating in this program. She has learned how to read music, play several songs, and how to hold her bow properly. She has become more disciplined at home with practicing daily and rehearsing the new material. The 45 minutes I get to spend with her each week helping her learn and grow is priceless!”

- Level 3 Violin Parent

“Just yesterday we were in church and my 1st year Sprout looks at the hymn book

and tells me… “Look, Mom — Run Pony”. She could find and recognize the rhythm pattern in written music after just two weeks of learning in class.”

- Level 1 Violin Parent

“I would absolutely recommend this program.

My son has been in sprouts for 5 years and my daughter 3 years. I believe the music program has helped both of them excel in school. They have better eye and hand coordination. It has been a great family experience. It has also shown my children how to persevere when it gets hard or when it might not always be fun.”

- Level 3 & 5 Parent

“Thank you so much for this experience.

It has definitely been a challenge, but a really GOOD challenge for us as a family. Logan has learned to work hard, keep at something even if it feels overwhelming, and has gained such a confidence in himself. He wants to find another cello opportunity as soon as we settle in our new location. He has also LOVED sharing his talent with others, always wanting to put on a concert for neighbors, friends, and visiting family. This has been an incredible experience for us. Thank you for the hard work and dedication you and your team constantly put into this program. We’re one family of many that are so grateful!!”

- Katie, Level 2 Cello Parent
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Become a Teacher

Get the training needed to build your own String Sprouts program in your local area.

Positively affect families.

Prepare kids for school.

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Support String Sprouts

Donating to String Sprouts supports underserved families as well as areas around the country with limited access to strings training.


A Harmony of Support

Celebrating the esteemed figures who endorse String Sprouts

Thomas Wilkins

Former Music Director at Omaha Symphony

Condoleezza Rice

Former United States Secretary of State & Pianist

Joshua Roman

American Cellist, Curator, and Composer

Branford Marsalis

American Saxophonist

Dan Cerveny

Secretary-Treasurer of Omaha Musicians Association Local 70-558