Practice Tool, Review, What to Practice • May 17, 2019


I love flashcards. One of the best tools a teacher has in our bag of tricks is creativity, and we like to take something and mold it to what our students need right now. I’ve done this on a weekly...

Practice, Practice Tool • May 3, 2019


Today's simple thought: get outside and practice! When the weather is nice (and there aren't too many bugs) enjoy the sunshine and serenade the birds, bees, and neighbors! Use #SproutsPracticeZone to show us your favorite and fun practice spaces!

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool • April 12, 2019

Keeping Routines Fresh

Sounds counterintuitive, right? I have had a few families in String Sprouts as well as my private studio mention that practice is happening, but the attention to details like tone and accuracy are hard to keep in focus, especially on...

Practice Tool • March 1, 2019

DIY Note Game

One of my favorite side projects is to adjust or create games that I can play with my students to support something they have been working on. Many of you know my passion for fun board games, so I’m excited...

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool • January 18, 2019

Stickers Aren’t Just for Charts

We are all familiar with using stickers on a skills or activities chart. Made your bed? Brushed your teeth? Place the star on the chart under that category! And that works for many students. We’ve also used stickers on a...

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool, Student Fun • January 11, 2019

Puzzles + Practice

Last week the kids gathered to a play-in and parents were treated to a special class with Miss Ruth on how to practice effectively, and it actually was all fun and games! All instruments of Sprouts played together (violas, meet...

Caregiver Tip, Practice, Practice Tool • January 4, 2019

The Practice Pie

Yesterday you and your child attended a spectacularly fun class and even earned bonus brownie points by practicing your bow hold right before bed. Brava! Now it’s the day after class. You have a homesheet to set you on your...