Practice, What to Practice • March 8, 2019

Music + Travel: You CAN Practice!

By Miss Candace

As spring break is upon us, it’s always great to explore what you can do while you travel. I know how nice it is to leave the world behind for a week, but I also know exactly how painful my practice can be after a week away. It sometimes feels like I have to claw my way back and it takes me a while to get back in my routines.

Being a cellist, taking my cello while I travel isn’t always an option, and I know you won’t always be able to take your instrument with you, too. So let’s talk about a few ways you can still connect to your practice while being away from your instrument.


Taking a few minutes to sit down and listen to your music is always helpful. Bonus points if you look at your music (those of you that are using music) while you listen to help connect the dots a bit more!


Singing your pieces helps keep the ideas bouncing around (the rule is if you can sing it, you can play it). Double bonus points for singing letter names. Or creating your own words to the piece you are working on!

Rhythm Work.

Take your rhythm work with you and practice clapping and counting the beats. We are lucky paper travels well and doesn’t take up that much room!

Finger Patterns.

Practicing your finger patterns on your right arm while singing your song/singing the letters is so helpful. It lives in the realm of “mental practice” where we think through our pieces, which can be tricky when the kids are tiny, but it is a valuable tool.

So have fun while you travel! And don’t forget to include music enjoyment into that fun!