By Miss Candace

I love flashcards. One of the best tools a teacher has in our bag of tricks is creativity, and we like to take something and mold it to what our students need right now. I’ve done this on a weekly basis, with a few of my favorites being note reading candyland, using play food, and the incredibly adaptable pipe cleaners. But flashcards aren’t just for quickly reviewing information, but organizing what information you need to focus on. I even have some students identify the 2 notes we have a hard time remembering, grab them from their note flashcard deck, and tape them to their wall in the bedroom where they will see them a lot.

To help prepare us for our exciting upcoming concerts (Sprouts in the Park on June 1, Sprouts & the Symphony on June 2) I made a few flashcard decks to help students review their songs! For level 4 and 5 students specifically, it can be tough to remember songs from 2-3 years ago that you haven’t reviewed in a while so having the ability to draw them out of a jar and have reminder cues on the back can be useful.

Take a look below, find the deck you need for your concert, and have fun practicing these review songs! Or even use them together with your silly instruction cards from level 1 (play facing the wall, on one foot, etc)!

June 1: Sprouts in the Park FLASHCARDS (levels 2 – 4)

June 2: Sprouts & the Symphony FLASHCARDS (levels 1 & 5)