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Sprouts Ultimate Bundle: Violin Level 1


This comprehensive bundle includes everything your students need to master Violin Level 1! With the String Sprouts Ultimate Bundle, you’ll receive the Violin Level 1 Student Book, access to the Online Violin Level 1 Practice Videos, and Violin Level 1 MP3 Piano Accompaniments all together as one easy purchase. This means your students will have everything they need to practice and perfect their skills & perform to celebrate their achievements, all while having fun and enjoying the journey.

Online Practice Videos: Violin Level 1

Play along with Sprouts program creator Ms. Ruth!

Sprouts Student Book: Violin Level 1

Start a musical journey on violin in Level 1

Piano Only Accompaniments MP3 Album: Violin Level 1

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Bundle up & save! Includes Viola 1 Student Book, access to Online Practice Videos, and downloadable Piano Accompaniments