Sprouts & the Symphony

Hundreds of Violin Sprouts, Cello Sprouts and Viola Sprouts were joined by the Omaha Symphony for the third annual Sprouts & the Symphony concert event in June 2016 at Baxter Arena in Omaha. 

Sprouts & the Symphony is a special performance held every year since the String Sprouts program's creation as a culminating event of the program. Each year, hundreds of young string players take the stage with The Omaha Symphony to show off their skills and musicianship with Omaha's greatest orchestra. The first two such concert events were held at The Holland in downtown Omaha, but when the program expanded to more than 800 Violin Sprouts, Cello Sprouts and Viola Sprouts in 2016, the event was moved to UNO's Baxter Arena. For the 2019 show, we will be returning to The Holland to perform. 

This year's Sprouts & the Symphony concert will take place on Sunday, May 31, 2020. More information coming soon!