There's no catch. 

String Sprouts is funded completely — including materials, instruments, and instruction — by generous donors. Because String Sprouts is funded through philanthropy, we are obliged to follow guidelines that consider the size of a household as well as its income when determining whether an applicant is accepted. At this time, please make sure your application also meets these criteria:

  • Your Sprout is at least 3 years old by April 1.
  • Your Sprout is NOT entering kindergarten this year.
  • Your adjusted gross income is under $50,000; or you have a household larger than 5 people.

String Sprouts is for pre-K students, so 5-year-olds can be in the program as long as they’re NOT entering Kindergarten in the fall.

As long as your child will be 3 years old by April 1, you’re good to go.

String Sprouts applications are collected in late spring; notifications of acceptance into the program occurs during the summer.

Please note that classes are limited, so we enroll on a first-come first-served basis, while factoring in family income and location.


We prioritize older kids so they don’t miss out. If you don’t get in or don’t meet parameters Contact your local Sprouts office for options.

If you don't want to wait, you might look into Omaha Conservatory of Music Growing Roots group classes, which accept registrations throughout the fall.

Learn about Growing Roots